Stop! Who Goes There?

Year 2010

Project description

Objectives of the young art Biennale:
• to support and stimulate the creative development of the new generation artists;
• to demonstrate works of the newest art to an interested audience. 

Moscow international Biennale of young art STOP!WHO GOES THERE? is one of the largest and most ambitions projects being implemented today on the Moscow art scene. The Biennale combines creative initiatives with all Russia and countries of the “near and far” abroad. The leading artistic centres of Moscow in cooperation with regional and foreign partners are taking part in preparing and running it. 

The Biennale is a joint project of two leading Moscow institutes of modern art – the State Centre of Modern Art (GTsSI) and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. It is they, in conjunction with the Russian Ministry of Culture and the City of Moscow Department of Culture, which are the founders of this large-scale artistic event. 

The Biennale’s programme is aimed at people of all ages, and art-lovers who follow with interest the vicissitudes in the development of the current art process, whose numbers in Russia are growing all the time. 

The main criterion for choosing the participants for the Biennale of Young Art Stop! Who Goes There? is not only age but also a question of stages. It is a matter of spirit, of the pathos of young art, of creative power, of bold experiments in the search for new insights and methods. “Stop!” we say to young artists, calling on them to cease their "Brownian" motion for a moment, and reflect on where it is taking them, summoning them to articulate their creative and conceptual positions. To stop and formulate who it is, in fact, who goes there. The Biennale’s programme is drawn up by a curator group on the result of an open receipt of applications. There were 705 applications for the competition. 

The Biennale of Young Art Stop! Who Goes There? is the largest creative event for young artistic community. It is a unique large-scale project for young artists, to which there is nothing analogous in Russia today. 

The II Moscow International Biennale “Stop! Who Goes There?” will be held in June 2010. Its theme is the phenomenon of BOUNDARIES and the numerous possible ways of interpreting it. Here it is appropriate to pose the problem of the dividing line between “young” and “mature” art, to consider the special features in the development of the art of artists in the era of globalisation, the formation of which occurred after the symbolic date of the most recent world history – the fall of the Berlin Wall (it was also the metaphorical boundary between “two worlds”). The theme of boundaries is also linked with the problem of communications, artistic creativity in the age of new technology, which implies the removal of geographical “cordons” and allows the publication of creative ideas for free circulation. Many other “frontier” and “contiguous” themes will be touched on under the project.