Support for the Youth Theatre Studio of the Small Drama Theatre – the Theatre of Europe

Year 2010

Project description

The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation and the Small Drama Theatre are linked by longstanding creative contacts. The Foundation is the theatre’s general partner, and also supports the MDT’s Youth Studio on a permanent basis, which is a unique project whose aim is to help talented young people of the theatre to find themselves in their profession. The studio was established in the main fr om actors just starting their careers – graduates of Lev Dodin’s course – with the aim of their gradual entry into the professional theatre. The studio creates its own repertoire, and at the same time the young actors are included in the theatre’s current repertoire.

The MDT Studio is not only an educational institution but also a workshop wh ere in the course of practical work on the creation of productions the artistic personality of the actors takes shape. Lev Dodin’s method of direction presupposes immersion in the atmosphere of a production. Rehearsals are preceded by substantial preparatory work: creative expeditions are arranged to the places of the plays’ action, and extensive factual materials are collected.

In 2008 under the direction of Lev Dodin the Youth Studio created a performance entitled Love’s Labours Lost, based on the eponymous play by Shakespeare. The performance was awarded with “Golden Soffit” in two categories: “Best Performance” and “Best Director.” The expert council of the Golden Mask National Theatre Prize nominated the performance for the 2008 prize in two categories: “Best Performance in Large-Scale Drama,” and “Best Director.”

Project results: