'The Orchestra On The Grass Symphonic Music Festival

Year 2010

Project description

This is a Festival that changes the mindset on what classical music can be. The locations for the festival are the wooden zones of Krasnoyarsk and Divnogorsk. A shift of this kind naturally attracts a radically different audience to those who attend concert-halls, and lends itself towards a more intimate connection to classical music for the widest possible audience.

The orchestra is formed from members of the Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra, with the addition of supplementary younger players (aged from 25 to 30) who are selected from open competitions held in Federal regions – the Urals, Siberia and the Russian Far East.

The selection of those young musicians chosen to perform is made by a jury of the Festival Committee.

Conductors Mark Kadin and Ruslan Antipinsky.

The Festival offers young musicians the vital opportunity to participate in rehearsals and performances of a top-class orchestra. In addition, the Festival helps to identify talented young performers who find themselves unable to further their careers because of their place of residence or study.

The rationale of the project is the popularisation of classical music and raising the expectations of both players and audiences.

The Festival is traditionally held in July.