New Trends in Humanitarian Research

Year 2010

Project description

This is a cross-university special course of lectures in Krasnoyarsk as part of the “Local History” long-term scientific research project. The lectures are given by leading Russian and foreign experts in history and philology.

The aims of the project:

· to emphasize the value of the study of history within the modern system of humanitarian studies

to support interest in the study of history in the social structure of contemporary Russia

to illustrate the rich variety of modern approaches to the study of history and the interpretation of Russian domestic history

the broadening of professional research methodological approaches amongst the audience, and the encouragement of the study of Russian history, and Russian cultural advancement as one of the systematic factors of Russian civilization.

Description of the project:

This series of lectures, entitled New Trends In Humanitarian Studies is a longterm ongoing project, set up by the Foundation with university-level institutions in the Krasnoyarsk Province. Leading historians and philologists from Russia and overseas will show students the underlying characteristics and tendencies of humanitarian studies.

From 2008 onwards the the project has been run in the format of a cross-university special course in issues of humanitarian studies, for undergraduates, graduates and tutors at Krasnoyarsk-region institutions. From 2009, in addition to the main program of lectures, the Astafyev Pedagogical University of Krasnoyarsk has been holding public lectures for a broad-based cultural and scientific audience.

The project is intended to broaden the professional research methodology of those attending the lectures; to widen the study of Russia's history and Russian cultural advancement as one of the systematic factors of Russian civilization.