New European Theatre Festival (NET)

Year 2010

Project description

In 2008 the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation became the general partner of the NET (New European Theatre) Festival, which had begun its work in the late 1990s as the first non-State theatrical initiative in Russia. Today the Festival is one of the brightest events in Moscow's cultural life, and attracts not only Moscow audiences, but also guests from overseas. The Festival has successfully transformed the perceptions of Russian theatre and young Russian directors around the world, and has also enabled the development of a new generation of Russian theatre professionals.

The Festival unites different genres of contemporary theatre – modern directors, contemporary dance, and different kinds of modifications to contemporary theatre. The best modern productions from Russia and Europe are chosen for the Festival, which demonstrate the rise of contemporary theatre, the achievements of new dramatists and directors, and extraordinary work by actors. Within the framework of the Festival there are also master-classes, talks about the rise of contemporary theatre, and exchange of opinion and ideas with audiences.