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Year 2011
Partners and participants
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Project description

This new social advancement project of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation - “The School of Graphic Design” - is a continuation of the Foundation's Program for Public Information Posters, that was held in Norilsk.

In 2007 the project was held in collaboration with the British Council. The project curated an exhibition of Public Information Posters from Great Britain, which gave the history of social information posters and their role in changes in society in Great Britain. In addition to the exhibition itself, a series of talks was given about the history of public information posters in Britain; two master-classes were held by specialists in the design concept and layout of social information posters – Quentin Newark and Andy Altmann. In its first year the project received 49 entries from different cities across Russia.

In 2008, in addition to the exhibition and a competition for the best public information poster, there were open talks and master-classes by well-known Russian designers Vladimir Chaika and Igor Gurovitz, held for designers in Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk. The title of the series - Warm Feelings In A Cold Climate provided the inspiration for the designers in Norilsk. The works completed by the course participants replaced those of the previous year's project, and were displayed on large-format advertising spaces along Komsomolskaya Street, on the walls of the Foundation's office building. The opening of the exhibition was timed to coincide with the 55th Anniversary of the city of Norilsk.

In 2009 the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation continued its association with social information posters. From 15th March to 15th May the traditional Poster Competition was held in Norilsk. In addition to this, the Norilsk School Of Design was opened in the city as part of the program. The Norilsk School of Design is a specialist educational creative project of the Academy of Graphic Design and the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design, aimed at raising the creative level and professional qualifications of designers in Norilsk, and at producing real results creating actual social information posters and banners needed in the City of Norilsk.

In spring of 2009 the Norilsk School of Design held inaugural lectures and master-classes led by established Russian experts in graphic design. Since 2010 the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, in collaboration with the Krasnoyarsk Cultural and Historical Museum Complex has been exhibiting a new social development project 'The Krasnoyarsk School of Graphic Design'.

One of the principle areas of interest of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation is contemporary visual culture, and the crucial role played in its formation by graphic design. The Foundation's partners in the new project the Academy of Graphic Design and the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design unite in bringing together the most well-known names in Russian graphic design, who have made a significant contribution to the development of this genre. Almost all of them are involved in the Krasnoyarsk School of Graphic Design project, which is expected to continue for a number of years.

The principle target audience of this new project are young graphic designers in Krasnoyarsk. Here they receive the opportunity of honing their skills, promoting regional graphic design, and receiving support for cultural initiatives among the community of designers which is one of the core conceptual social advancement goals of the project.

The first event mounted by the Krasnoyarsk School of Design was an educational and creative project called Moscow Descent. This event combined a number of functions aimed as identifying and providing help to the most active and capable creative people. Moscow Descent offers Krasnoyarsk a direct hot-line to the leading practitioners in graphic design in Russia today to the Moscow 'Golden Bee' Graphic Design Biennale. It helps young designers to take part in this major creative initiative, as part of their very own Krasnoyarsk Descent.

As part of the event there is also an exhibition of work by Moscow designers, and a poster event by participants in Moscow Descent.

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