Unknown Siberia

Fine Arts

Festival of Modern Russian Art
Lyon, France
15 – 21 November 2010

Who do You Want to Be?
This Exhibition is devised by a group of Russian artists who have been working for several years with children from a children’s home in the city of Norilsk.
This year there are two teams taking part in the project a Russian one and a French one, which include professional masters and fifteen children from each team. From April to November both teams in their own country will study a creative understanding of the common theme Who do You Want to Be? In November a final joint creative workshop will be held, and this will enable the kids from Russia and France to bring together their ideas and exploratory work.

Russia: DEZ 5 Studio (Moscow) and children from a Norilsk childrens home.
Lyon: Bruno Thierry, Mariam Gianit and children from Lyon district ITEP de La Pavière, a childrens home.

Venue: Atrium de lHôtel de ville
Time: 15-21 November, 12.00-19.00

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