Unknown Siberia

Interdisciplinary Weekend

Festival of Modern Russian Art
Lyon, France
15 – 21 November 2010

From Siberia with Love

Alexei Aigi and his Ensemble 4’33” / Music
Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre / Dance
AXE Russian Engineers Theatre / Theatre
The Shadow Theatre/ Theatre
International Kansk Video Festival/ Video
The Blue Noses Art Group
Andrei Rodionov and the Yolochnye Igrushki Group
Aleksandr Petlyura / Performance
Peter Aidu
The Liquid Theatre

Programme, presented at LesSubsistances, illustrates the central theme of the Unknown Siberia Festival: modern Russian culture, and the search for its own identity. This challenging and dramatic route goes through a rethinking of the traditional European and Russian cultural values, through the discovery of forgotten and banned artists, who with their creative initiatives are making new trends in Russian culture.

Hence this programme provides a new view on the modern history of Russian and Siberia, and her key figures through the creativity of the Blue Noses group, poetry, performances and concerts, which try to combine diverse forms of art the craft of Andrei Rodionov, Peter Aidu and Alexander Petlyura, cinema films and theatrical performances, in order to open up new creative paths.

Venue:Les Subsistances
19 November, 19.00-0.00
20 November, 17.00-0.00
21 November, 16.00-19.00

AndreiRodionov-et-les-YelochnyeIgrushki_2.jpg AndreiRodionov-et-les-YelochnyeIgrushki_3.jpg

LiquidTheater_1.jpg ChelyabinskContemporaryDancetheater_Waiting_c-UrsulaKaufmann_2.jpg AXETheater_1.jpg