Unknown Siberia

Year 2010

Project description

Within the Year of Russia and France the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation organised a multimedia festival of Russian contemporary art under the title The Unknown Siberia, which was held in the French town of Lyon from 15 to 21 of November 2010.

The name of the Festival is no accident. Starting in 2004 the Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation has been working in Krasnoyarsk District, which is the largest Siberian region in Russia.

Siberia occupies a special place in the country’s cultural mythology. This is not only Russias economic power house, but also to no less a degree the embodiment of Russia itself with all her historical paradoxes, current contradictions and future potential. On the one hand Siberia is associated in the first place with a severe climate and oppressive bondage. But Siberia has also always been a place for Utopian, religious and mystic questing, an area to which over several centuries people ran away in the search for freedom and prosperity. On the one hand it is unending vastnesses and primeval forests, and on the other it is a potent centre of culture, science, and education, and one of the largest centres of Russian contemporary art.

Thus the Unknown Siberia is a metaphor for modern Russia.

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