Mobility for Academics

Year 2010

Project description

The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation announces an open charitable competition for the finance of travel grants for students in the closing years of study, post-graduate students, and young academic staff (up to 35 years old). The grants are to attend academic conferences and seminars, research in libraries and archive centres, and internships at universities and study centres in both Russia and abroad.


· the competition aims to offer fairer access to educational study for those who come from different walks of life, and who live in many different areas

· the competition supports young researchers and teachers, who can be objectively be said to deserve a broadening of their research and study contacts, among modern experts doing practical work in the spheres of research and eduction.

The sums awarded in these grants are decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the location, academic program and period of travel involved – and covers academic internships (provided a calculation of costs is submitted), living costs, return travel to the place of study, compulsory medical insurance, and also allowances for the purchasing of textbooks and the photocopying of archive materials (provided that an explanation of the necessity of these costs is provided).