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The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation participates in The London Book Fair

Fr om April 11 to 13 The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation participates in The London Book Fair wh ere presents its book project: the program for supporting the translation of Russian literature Transcript and the Literature prize "NOS (New PrOSE)”.

Transcript is the support program for the translation of Russian fiction, poetry and non-fiction focuses on the financial support of translations of Russian texts in the liberal arts (history, philosophy, political science, sociology etc), as well as works of classic and contemporary fiction, poetry and children's literature. Preference is given to intellectual, experimental and innovative works of contemporary Russian authors, as well as works of classic literature never previously translated and little known outside Russia.

The annual NOS literature prize was established in the year of the 200th anniversary of N. V. Gogol by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation to reveal and support new trends in modern Russian literature. The key feature of the NOS Prize is the transparency of its decision making process. An indispensable condition of the jury’s work is the necessity to discuss in public its choice of the finalists and the winner in a talk show with the active participation of journalists, writers and cultural community.

This year, Russia became the Special Guest of the London Book Fair. Among the participants are about seventy Russian publishing houses and more than fifty writers.