Festival "Unknown Siberia" started in Lyon on November 15

Mikhail Prokhorov Fund has launched festival of russian contemporary art "Unknown Siberia" that takes place in Lyon, France from 15 till 21 November.

The Festival’s name is no accident. Since 2004, the Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation has been working in Krasnoyarsk District, which is the largest Siberian region in Russia.

The objective of the Unknown Siberia Festival is to introduce to France the multifaceted mental map of Russia, to give a metaphorical vision of the countrys new image, and to demolish stereotypes in the two cultures impressions of each other.

As part of the Festival will be held performances of the Russian National Orchestra under Mikhail Pletnev and The New Music Studio Soloists Ensemble, directed by Igor Dronov. Russian and French artists together with children from Norilsk orphanage will show objects created during joint classes, and Sergei Sitar prepares an exhibition of architectural models of non-professional artist and an employee of the Moscow Metro Nicholay Levochkin. International Kansk Video Festival will make compilation of the best works, the State Theatre of Nations brings the play "Tales of Shukshin" directed by Alvis Hermanis, and Interdisciplinary Weekend will be attended by Alexei Aigi and his Ensemble 4'33 ", Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre, AXE Russian Engineers Theatre, The Shadow Theatre, Liquid Theatre, The Blue Noses Art Group, poet Andrei Rodionov and the Yolochnye Igrushki Group, artist Aleksandr Petlyura and musician Peter Aidu.

Choukchine_c-Theatre-des-Nations_1.jpg LiquidTheater_2.jpg ShadowMoscowTheater_Metamorphosis_barca.jpg